Das Altern / Alterungs-Test

The true biological age status: how old are you really? /

With the biological age status vegetative strain and reaction patterns for your personal attitude to life become visible.

Especially your attitude to life may have a strong constraining influence onĀ  your experiences in life. What you really desire or what really reflects your mentality is often suppressed by convention (“what will the others think”) or the pressure to “adapt”. The disappointment which comes from this and at the same time the inability to be able to express these things emotionally often creates a powerful inner stress situation. This is something which accelerates the aging process and the visible signs which go with it (skin, hair, eyes, nails and illnesses).

A decreased fever reaction to illnesses, or the fact that you haven’t had any flu for years don’t always speak for strong health but are also the advanced warning for a “non-reaction” of internal regulation processes. Also if you have a strong need for harmony then this isn’t always a loveable character trait but rather a permanent challenge which can take up a large amount of your energy.).

Aging / Aging Test


This evaluation does not diagnose any illness but shows up signs or premature / fast aging process which can endanger your health as a risk factor.

If you analyse for example certain chronic illnesses such as arterioscleriosis or pain, often typical behaviour traits and reaction patterns of the body are visible often years before. It doesn’t make the “mind” ill, but it’s the vegetative nervous system, which is often not in the position, to be able to effectively contra-regulate a permanent load of stress. Constant overloading of the vegetative nervous system increases for example the probability considerably of a so-called “insulin resistance”, which according to the latest research is the only cause for diabetes mellitus type 2 (sugar intolerance). If the stress has had an effect for a longer period of time then the normal stress response becomes derailed, i.e. the body’s ability to react or adapt becomes more and more.

The result of the “biological age status” should serve as showing dangers to your health, which don’t show up under a normal diagnosis. It should motivate you not to understand that health is not the absence of illnesses, but rather as a physical-spiritual state of balance, which needs to be provided with the necessary energy every day.

Even if healthy eating habits, lots of physical exercise and a lively attitude to life play a decisive role, many people aren’t in the position to be able to meet these active demands due to their social situation, their age and dedication to their job. This is why it’s important to take the opportunity to stay healthy via additional possibilities and procedures.