You see things and ask: Why?
But I dream of things, which never were, and
Why not? //

George Bernard Shaw

Why not?
Why not … live without limitations?
Why not … realise all your dreams?

Extend your boundaries or even better abolish your boundaries! The universe doesn’t have any boundaries. Why do we need to have them?


Youth is only half the truth of complete beauty.
“Everything good is beautiful” / Platon

Youthfulness is often associated with a perfectly smooth skin, but it also depends a lot on what is under the skin.

Our lives run with exceptional precision. Every day hectic, the stress which our bodies are subjected to, additionally the not necessarily idyllic environmental factors from our modern cities stretch our cells to the limit. They are endangered like never before to age prematurely and become ill.

In reality after a relative stable phase of maximum functionality everything starts to crumble from about the mid forties, or even earlier. The things, which we “took for granted” and never really appreciated: our performance begins to decrease, our stress tolerance snaps even with children’s noise, we can’t remember the name of an acquaintance at all and going to sleep becomes an ordeal. Increasingly it twinges and aches in all corners and ends and except for further visual signs of aging with skin and hair we become afraid a medical check-up might discover something sinister or suspicious.

At first sight it appears, medically, that we are well-equipped to deal with anything. However artificial hips and knees, good advice to exercise more or to lose weight or tablets for high-blood pressure which cause coughs or gastric acid seem to illustrate the obvious aging process more than to deal with it when it starts to occur. As for botox, hyaluron, liposuction or lifting it is obvious that removing signs of visible aging do not make us any younger or fitter inside.

Even so today there are already effective methods to help to take action against aging, especially before it starts. These are measures to directly stimulate the cells, to help to stimulate our own body’s regeneration and cell repair or even for targeted use or to activate our own body’s energy sources. Thanks to special electro-magnetic signal information it’s possible to win back more energy.

The principles of cell stimulation, to increase the biological potential of a human more then previously thought possible is one of the most importantant components for the anti-aging movement. This multi-layered demand for extending human limits is no longer illusionary fiction, but an obvious decision for new medical treatment which is already available in humans.

One of the most effective methods to grow old in a healthy manner is in your own “liveliness”. This never occurs via bans, rules for behaviour and moral appeals but by pleasure, fun, orientation, integrity and a certain degree of imperfection. The Cellvital feeling can’t be described in any better way.