The Pro-Aging-Trance

Aging – get out of the
Pro Aging Trance!
Aging keeps us in a psychological stranglehold
. //

We can’t see things as they are, but rather how we are. //

The Talmud

As deep in our hearts, most people already know that ultimately it IS possible to OVERCOME aging. As long as the possibility to fight aging quickly remains small and it seems irrational then we accept it.

But it is possible. If you only believe that there is perhaps a one percent probability of overcoming aging during your life (or during the life time of a person that you love) the spark of hope will gnaw at your understanding and let the Pro Aging Trance be unpleasantly fragile. It doesn’t matter whether you have worked at convincing yourself that aging isn’t really that much of a bad thing. Only if you are absolutely convinced that aging cannot be changed will you be able to sleep well at night.

“The second half of your life can be better than the first half … the second half of your life can be wonderful!”

Ageless: Suzanne Somers Anti-aging Expert and Best-Seller Author