The History

Ingenious invention or clarity of thought after a stroke of fate? /

After the successful businessman and numerous patentee owner Dr. E.G. Fischer withdrew to a hut in Vorarlberg after a stroke, nobody could guess that it was here that the development of one of the most important inventions in medicine would be born.

As he himself was healed with the force of a primitive magnetic field, he recruited an interdisciplinary team of researchers, including people like Prof. Dr. H. König from the Technical University in Munich (TU München), the orthopaedist Prof. R.O. Becker from State University New York or even the chemist and twice Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling. Subsequently they developed an innovative physical model for electromagnetic pulsations. The extremely weak magnetic fields are only used as a transporter to send biologically effective frequencies as part of a complex information package into every cell of our body without any effort.
Especially important for Cellvital is the internationally patented impulse form of the electro-magnetic pulsation, which can simulate all processes which occur naturally in the body, like in an exponential function. This explains why the space station MIR was obviously equipped with this innovative technology.
Now after nearly three decades of fundamental scientific research and numerous clinical studies we are able to present the latest generation of devices to you, which are marketed under the brand name Cellvital and are synonymous for the company’s philosophy, the continuous development, premium quality and above all user friendliness.

“It’s not enough to have the knowledge, you need to use it, it’s not enough to simply want, you need to do it as well!”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)