Different objectives depending on age and lifestyle. These customers have experienced it and tell us their stories here …


Werner R., 41 years old, Microbiologist

I’ve done it!!!

I got to know the Cellvital Homecare technology two years ago and was immediately convinced by the product. My mum had terrible pain in her hip and was due to get an artificial hip within a few weeks. After only a few weeks treatment my mum’s pain had disappeared completely.

After this success I decided to use the Cellvital Homecare mat myself, I started with a few treatments daily and the results blew me away. I experienced a great improvement in the duration and quality of my erection. Naturally as a biologist I know the importance of good circulation for sexual performance.  

I am totally over the moon, that at 40 years old my sexual performance has improved considerably! It’s great to have sex like you’re 20 again but with the understanding and maturity of a 40 year old. I’m definitely doing it again and how about you?

Customer reviews from the sports therapy practice

By Bob Bonkowski “The foot trainer”

Hi! My name’s Bob, I am a professional skier, running and sports trainer with decades of international experience of foot dynamics and running techniques. One of my main tasks in the practice is to help my customers to optimise their osteo-muscular function and to improve their performance, even up to old age!

After a painful neck injury whilst playing ice hockey I discovered the Cellvital Homecare system for myself. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to get back on my feet again and since then I’ve recommended the success of the Homecare device to my customers too. 


Victoria R., 45 years old, mum, “Sports-Freak”

Victoria R. suffered a tear in her right calf muscle (nearly half of all the muscle fibres were damaged). An examination in the clinic revealed that she should put her sports activities on hold for an indefinite period of time and should be grateful, if at some point she could really walk again. In addition Victoria R. also wanted to fly to Portugal on holiday three and a half weeks later. The orthopaedic surgeon strapped up the lower leg with a splint and asked her to wait for a date for her operation at home.

She called me very frustrated and frightened and explained her situation to me and after an extensive check-up and based on the findings I then strapped up her calf differently (with the help of kinesiology tape, I taped up the muscle to minimise the tension, release the pressure and thus hold the muscles as close together as possible). I changed the angle of the clamp in the splint to a 30% angle, then I prescribed her to use the Cellvital Homecare system 4 to 6 times daily. After 1 week she had an appointment with Dr. Prof. M who couldn’t believe his eyes!!! No swelling, no bulge, no shades of blue or bruising, simply nothing! He asked what she was doing and said: carry on doing it!!! 3 weeks later the muscle fibres were nearly completely together and she could walk on her own again. Also she flew on their planned holiday (with a compression sock) and enjoyed the time with her family!!! Now three months have passed and she’s just like before.


Pirmin Weixler 26 Jahre alt, Rennfahrer

Pirmin had been racing for 7 years, but had never won a race!!

Working with Pirmin was intense both on and off the race track. In the morning carefully selected food and then 30 minutes on the Cellvital Homecare system, and afterwards yoga exercises to boost everything. 20 minutes before the race, water with anti-oxidants and oxygen (not on the Cologne doping list), then the race could begin!!! After the race another session on the Cellvital Homecare system, with the relax programme to encourage recovery and to guarantee the all important sleep.

We started on a test track near Prague, together with the sponsor, the manager, the team mechanic and myself. The track record was 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Pirmin started and at the beginning already was 2 minutes and 25 seconds, after 2 laps and half an hour, he then managed 2 minutes and 22 seconds. On the third lap 2:18:02 !!! After this Pirmin won a race for the first time!


Andrea V. under 17s, national football player / FC Bayern

Andrea came to us, when she had knee problems, and needed new insoles. We custom-fitted some for her and showed her how to walk correctly. Together with her we looked at the X-ray pictures of her knee and discovered a hairline fracture in her knee bone under the cartilage. Then we gave her a Cellvital Homecare unit for 10 days (she used it 4-6 times daily) until her next check-up appointment with the Doctor. He discovered that there was no longer any fracture.


Dagmar K., trainer and successful author

I have been using the Cellvital Homecare unit regularly for 4 months now.

As I didn’t have any acute complaints which I needed to deal with such as back or joint problems, but still wanted to help my body from aging, I decided to buy the mat.

I travel quite a lot for my job, do highly-concentrated work for and with many people. I would like to carry on doing this for a long time!

The changes I observed myself:

  1. I lost 10 kg in weight.
  2. I noticed I put other food into my basket than before my “time on the mat”. Apparently I then re-discovered a certain feeling of what is good for me and also tastes delicious. There were a lot less carbohydrates in my basked than before. At the moment I really enjoy avocados! As I mentioned this doesn’t come from my brain!
  3. I suddenly discovered myself sitting on my bike, easily and happily cycling around without having planned it. I suddenly enjoyed workouts and my inner couch potato was silent. (A really new experience!!)
  4. I fall into a deep, sound sleep, often now right through the night.
  5. My wealth of ideas has been sprouting noticeably.
  6. I am stable and positively minded.
  7. Others say I look better / younger / more recovered / well-balanced …

This is my first statement. When I read the text one more time, then I nearly can’t believe it myself, that so much has happened in such a short period of time. We’ll see how this continues. I will let you know.

CV Homecare

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