Cellvital: The secret of “eternal youth” /

No new diet,
no hours of physical exercise or
invasive and uncertain operations.

YOU are as YOUNG as your BODY CELLS.


The Idea /

The Company The name Cellvital comes from the finding that not organs or systems of organs themselves are responsible for premature … >>>


History /

Is it an ingenious discovery or clarity of thought after a stroke of fate? // When the successful businessman and multiple patentee Dr. E.G. Fischer, after a stroke … >>>


Philosophy /

You see things and ask why? But I dream of things that never were and ask Why not? (George Bernard Shaw)

What counts in life is not what we have lived. But … >>>


Charity Project /

Every person owes a child the best that he or she can give!” (UNO declaration) Cellvital – we move ... >>>