The Charity Project /

“Every person owes a child the best he or she can give!”

UNO declaration

Cellvital – we move, cells, bodies, thoughts, life … and hearts.
This is why we started the Cellvital Charity Project to offer our future, i.e. that of our children better opportunities in their lives.

Our children of today, are the thoughts and actions of tomorrow, these children will decide how it will continue for us and our planet. And they will decide as we have shown them to and taught them to.

This is why we’ve decided we want to help our children by giving them more security and providing them with appropriate schooling.

This is also the reason we will donate 1% of the net sales price from every unit sold to support children from socially disadvantaged families on their future path.

Cellvital – we are shaping the future!

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!” //

Nelson Mandela