The Technology

Cell stimulation – our cells: the energy provider for our body /

Even if, for each organ, there are different specialists, it is quite clear that the cause of all diseases is always a cellular function problem and deficit. For example, fatigue and weakness are always an expression of a modified “electrical” cell voltage*. In older people, it is usually at the bottom. If the cellular voltage is no longer measurable, we have reached the afterlife. A very low cellular membrane voltage* “strangely” characterises even cancer.

“Forget your age and ask yourself:
How old is my energy?”

Suzanne Somers – Ageless – Anti-aging Expert and Best seller author

The Technology

If the electric voltage falls below a certain level healthy cells turn into ill cells. /

The mere fact that, whether the energy production within the cell is working, the protein synthesis is running or the “waste disposal” is in progress, decides which type of disease we can expect. If you start with revitalising your cells, rather than “tinkering on your own” on an organ or a syndrome, it will save you unnecessary detours and often significant burdens and restrictions.

Pulsating electro magnetic stimulation easily reaches our organism, thus electromagnetic signals or important information can be transported into our 100 trillion body cells.

Result: Better sleep, greater concentration and stamina, all of which help to reduce the signs of aging appreciably. //